Frequently Asked Questions

How big is your creative agency?

We work with freelancers to keep the creative level at the top and have the right skills for each assignment. At present we have contact with some 70 freelancers. More will come.

We are a stratup do you have special price for us?

Of course, we have special prices for you who are in the start-up of your company. We have a couple of different packages.

The most common is the development of a brand. A logotype and graphic profile. As well as developing a website for your company.

Contact us and we’ll tell you more!

What technology for web pages do you like?

For the most part, we work with the world’s most used CMS WordPress. WordPress is flexible and effective for the large masses. It is cost effective and easy to maintain.

Of course we can work with other systems, but it will be mostly WordPress as it looks now.

Where in the country do you have offices?

We have restarted after a few years of absence. Now we have not yet found the right office. So let’s come back with answers to that question. We are located in both Malmö and Stockholm.

Are you in countries other than Sweden?

 We have freelancers working in other countries. Although the situation now looks, we remain in Sweden for the most part. Unfortunately.

Who should we talk to?

You should talk to Niklas who is operationally responsible. You can email him or call him. There is a form at the bottom of the page that works well to get in touch!

What do your different pricing models look like?

We have three different models.

Fixed price that many new customers want. It is often a little more expensive than the current hourly rate.

Ongoing hourly rates where we have reconciliations on how we are in the projects. You as a customer only pay for the hours we work.

Prepaid hours that are counted against the hours we work. You buy hours at a lower price, which is then deducted from the hours we work. The most affordable solution.

How much does a logotype cost?

Which is the most beautiful color? An impossible question. Generally, it is different depending on how much work is needed. We use an analysis procedure before we start working with you!

Do you do ProBono work?

 Yes, we try to help. Contact us and we will tell you more. Our goal is for 20% of our assignments to be Probono. So we can give back to society.


It should be with joy, lust and passion together with our customers

With passion and love, we get involved in every project

The more satisfied customers we have, the more satisfied we are. It is a cornerstone of our entire business. We want joy in everything we do. The passion should be felt all the way from start to finish. This is how we build the relationship with our customers.

Satisfaction Guarantee

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close, in fact, that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.”
―Steve Jobs


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Niklas Jeppsson

Niklas Jeppsson

Director of Operations

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Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future.

We create with love.
We hate mediocre.
We enjoy every bite as we eat.
The fans we get are the ones who love that we put our soul into being the best. Our intention with the business is to make our customers successful and best among their competitors. The passion and love of communication affect everything we do. The environment and the future of our planet reflect the customers we work with. Our ethics and morals are central to who we choose to work with. Extracted from the feedback we receive, we build the company forward. It should be fun to work with us. Dinner consists of an appetizer, main course, and dessert. That's how we look at our cooperation with our customers. Each part is ok, but together a menu is fantastic. Every day we learn something new. We need to learn new things to improve. Together with our customers and partners, we see ourselves as a company based on knowledge and creativity!