Branding Strategy

Every brand will tell its own story

We would like to tell your story.
The story of your brand will make a different impact than your competitors.

One thing we’ve learned during the years of helping brands tell their story, it’s that a successful business can’t survive if it doesn’t have a strong brand strategy.

Building a strong brand will take time. Its more a marathon race than 100 meters. Persistence is a key factor in gaining awareness of your brand. Together, we add nutrition to your brand with the right content and create the story we want to tell.

We love working with all sizes of companies. So we help with everything from the local restaurant to the global e-commerce company. No assignment is too small or too large. As the dynamic business we are, we change staffing related to the assignments.

Establish your brand voice & tone together with our team. Somewhere your brands personality is hiding.

We are talking about a couple of different types of Branding Strategy 

Name-Brand Recognition, that’s the most typical form of branding strategy. Think of Coca Cola, Apple, BMW, Starbucks, Volvo and IKEA to have some examples. Typical of these brands is that people recognize the logo and name easy in any type of context or channel.

Attitude Branding, is a brand with there own attitude that customers love. Some of these brands are Tesla, Apple, and Nike. There customers who buy theres products they getting a brand with a high volume of attitude.

Individual Branding is when a company has sub-brands that stands for there own. An example of this is General Motors. They have a lot of different sub-brands like Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Daewoo & Holden. In this type of strategy every brand is a unique brand but is a sub-brand to a major huge brand.

Brand Extension is when a brand is selling other types of products. It can have started with a jeans maker, now it sells bags, perfume, watches and other stuff. The identity stands strong even in new business areas. This is something with the expansion of the brand.

Private Labels are when a company makes its brands. Here in Sweden Eldorado, Garant, Fixa, and Premier at Hemköp is a typical private labels. This is a trend for bigger grocery retailers around the globe. Classical brands are losing market shares to Private Labels.

These five different branding strategies we are focusing around.



We are a knowledgeable strategic partner who has worked with large and small brands.

We create successful brand experiences.

We take on your values ​​in the company to create the foundation plate for your brand.  How is the view of everything from society to environmental issues? We enter that into our analysis tool. What do your competitors look like? What do they stand for? Other companies from other continents and their values ​​that you appreciate.

 Together we create the core of the brand. The brand comes to life. How does the brand work in a radio advertisement? Like a banner in an evening newspaper? 

The brand book that becomes the final delivery gives you all the answers on how the brand should be handled. The brand book should work just as well internally as externally.




Digital Branding Strategy for tomorrow


Some of our latest brand customers we have been working with.

This is a selection of the brands we have been working with in recent months. We want to thank our customers for the confidence we have gained in developing of your brand.


It should be with joy, lust and passion together with our customers

With passion and love, we get involved in every project

The more satisfied customers we have, the more satisfied we are. It is a cornerstone of our entire business. We want joy in everything we do. The passion should be felt all the way from start to finish. This is how we build the relationship with our customers.

Satisfaction Guarantee

“Know what your customers want most and what your company does best. Focus on where those two meet.”
―Kevin Stirtz


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