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We love to work with digital-first. Everything we do will have a digital core. Its the part where we can measure everything. We are not a metrological company, but we love to measure what we do and archives. Then we are transparent about what we do and why.

Today we use digital channels from that we wake up to when we go to bed. With our smartphones to ipads to computers, we are all connected during the day. When we are figuring out who your customers are, we make a palet of the use of digital channels. Some are young and live there days on TikTok and Instagram. Some are elderly and use Facebook and blogs in there digital day.

Our story started during the mid-1990s. We got hooked on the Internet and all the possibilities this would have. From the animated gifs to the search engines Altavista. We knew that this would be in everyone’s lives. In the 1990s, you needed to write HTML code to make a website. It took forever to produce a website. But you were proud when it got online. It was almost to easy to get on the first page of Altavista, the big search engine.

Nowadays, it’s much easier to make a website. Modern platforms like WordPress make our lives much more manageable. Things that used to take months takes weeks and even days. A more streamlined production about the technical aspects, does it possible to focus on the creative parts. And we love both the technical part and the creative part.

So our philosophy is to make everything as creative as possible. We look at the bigger picture with the content and look and feel. The focus is to make everything a good investment for our clients. Do you need to sell something our gather leads, no problem, we know how to do that. Seeing the result is essential. Happy and satisfied clients is the best thing in life!

We focus a lot on the pre-studies for the project. Learning about our client’s needs is step one. In some cases, we do a workshop to challenge our clients belives. Sometimes we can draw the conclusions you now everything about your business, but often we find something our clients have overlooked. It could be things like where its more likely to find more customers, who the customers are, if the product is complicated to make a discission about and how it’s presented.

After the pre-studies, we make a suggestion about the next steps. It depends on our clients business and customers. In the recommendations, it could be that we need to create a whole new website. Sometimes we need to focus on content. They maybe are using too many lifeless pictures, and we need to take new ones. The tone of voice is not suitable for there customers, they are not good at explaining there offer. We have had customers that use too many different tones of voices dependent on channel. Like they sound exciting on Instagram but boring as hell on their website.

Then we measure. We fine-tune what is needed. Measures a little more. Ensures to optimize what we discover. Complements what is required. After this, it is time for the next step, and we will start again. A digital solution is never ready. It is like a garden that needs maintenance of water and nutrition. We want the garden to grow and develop positively!

We are not 100 employees.
We are a network-based agency.
We have different specialists for different things. For each assignment we receive, we optimize the team to be involved. It makes us very flexible and that we always top the team. The better flexibility we have, the better deliveries you get as a customer.

How many do we have in our network today? We are approaching 150 people. Everything from copywriters to web developers to filmmakers and photographers. Graphic designers and content writers. Specialists as developers for WordPress plugins for animators and voice talent. The needs are so different that we may not have all the employees we need.

We are a team of project managers and creators who run the business. We put together a winning team based on budget and mission so that we are all happy.

Our director of operations, Niklas, has long experience in both project management and creative work. He can both build an online bank with 300 project participants to make a logotype. The scope of expertise is unique. This means that he has a good idea of how different long assignments take and is good at optimizing things we often do to save time for you, our customers.

We have many specialists in growth. How to increase the number of followers on social media is one such thing. How do you go from 3000 to 100,000 followers on social media? We know! We have that experience. How to get 8000 likes on a post on Instagram? We know! By testing ourselves, we know how to achieve it. How to get a post on Facebook to go viral? We know! As we proved ourselves to see what mechanics we need to realize that success.

Those of you who are customers with us, you have already tested our analysis tool that we use at the beginning of a project. There are a large number of questions that you have to answer before we meet for the first time. It is built around having a classic brainstorm meeting. Although here, you sit as a client and do it to both be more efficient and not disturbed in your process. Based on that, we have a first meeting. We are very unique with this process of getting new customers.

Part of what makes us unique is that we have often been clients. This means that we have processes and contacts that are based on what you as customers need. Everything to make you, our customers, happy to the extent that you recommend us to others. That’s how we grow. Customers who are satisfied recommend us, and then we get new customers. We do not work as much with sales as other players do. We do this to keep costs down that we could have otherwise received. So we can focus on being creative and creating digital solutions that our customers will be delighted with.

How do we charge? We use three different models. The first is a fixed price, where we calculate what we think it will be. This is usually the most expensive option, but there are precise costs for the cost. Another solution we run with existing customers is running costs. It often becomes a cheaper solution. If you want to reduce this type of expense, you can also buy hours on punch tickets. Depending on the size of our prepaid hours with punch tickets, you can come down to meager prices. So that’s the kind of arrangement we recommend.

Do we work with all types of companies? Yes, we almost do. We do not work with the weapons industry, the oil industry, or other environmentally hazardous activities. Today we have to make an ethical and moral decision about which companies we want to work with. Some do not make those decisions, but we have chosen to do so so we can sleep well during the nights. We see no difference between a company with an employee or a global group. We will always do our best to promote the company as intended. If we were to look differently at different companies, we would have had no future.

Talk to farmers in a farmer’s way. So we always thought and thought. Our customers must understand what we want to achieve and what our common goals mean. We have customers who come to us and wonder what it is something their current advertising agencies say and what it is that they paid for. We do not want to get into that. So we try to talk as efficiently as possible. Don’t do anything obscure or confusing. Clear and simple is something we strive for, much of this is based on the experience we gained when we were clients against large advertising agencies.


It is our story, no one else.

With our background, we are a match for most companies. We make things pop out from the crowd.

We create successful digital projects for every customer around the globe.

We are not like other advertising agencies. Or web agencies for that matter. We are not like a classic communications agency or digital agency.

We are a digital agency where we always put the digital-first. It’s not something we’ve come up with overtime, but it’s always been that way. Our customers we love are so clear that an excellent digital platform is the foundation of everything we do.

Some people think we are digital because it is about to be right now; on the contrary, it is because we can measure and adapt to the challenges that our customers face.

If it feels challenging to dump your current advertising agency because they can’t do the digital, come on, and we’ll have a cup of coffee and go through what you miss in revenue and how your future is harder than it should be. We know the digital strategy!


It should be with joy, lust and passion together with our customers

With passion and love, we get involved in every project

The more satisfied customers we have, the more satisfied we are. It is a cornerstone of our entire business. We want joy in everything we do. The passion should be felt all the way from start to finish. This is how we build the relationship with our customers.

Satisfaction Guarantee

“The sole reason we are in business is to make life less difficult for our clients”
-Matt Odgers


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Niklas Jeppsson

Niklas Jeppsson

Director of Operations

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Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future.

We create with love.
We hate mediocre.
We enjoy every bite as we eat.
The fans we get are the ones who love that we put our soul into being the best. Our intention with the business is to make our customers successful and best among their competitors. The passion and love of communication affect everything we do. The environment and the future of our planet reflect the customers we work with. Our ethics and morals are central to who we choose to work with. Extracted from the feedback we receive, we build the company forward. It should be fun to work with us. Dinner consists of an appetizer, main course, and dessert. That's how we look at our cooperation with our customers. Each part is ok, but together a menu is fantastic. Every day we learn something new. We need to learn new things to improve. Together with our customers and partners, we see ourselves as a company based on knowledge and creativity!

The top digital marketing companies people are talking about are making the digital turn but still are not there yet. Some digital strategy agencies are hunting for some part of the business. You know digital marketing can be so many different things. It all starts with a marketing strategy to make the choices of channels to use. As a creative company, we love to think outside of the box. We are not so fond of the box. Today social media marketing needs to have a big part of any company’s future. We are working with some designer brands, and they are requesting us to be on the cutting edge. We, as a digital marketing agency, love to test new things and new strategies to get ahead of our customer’s competitors. Many are still using classic ad companies for there primary marketing. We want to change that. Today online marketing is the centerpiece of a modern advertising agency. In our business, we have a brand strategy and design agency in our core services. We are thinking of us as a digital agency with a mix of creative agency.

In our network, we have a marketing consultant that has been working with other digital marketing agency. Some have been working as an internet marketing service. Our digital marketing strategy is unique for every customer. We are not a classic branding agency, and we look at the whole picture. Not only a small part. Classic brand design has never had the digital channels at its primary design goals. We always have the digital channels as the primary focus. When we work with business marketing, we are learning about the company’s business. Our strategy thinking covers media planning; that’s something not everyone has in focus.

In the 1990s, the ad agency was a place for only cool people. That was the image that the media was portraying. Nowadays, we have everything from social media agency to web design agency. Some are incredibly specialized, like a social media marketing agency.